Saturday, February 3, 2018

Amazing Grace Tea House

RVing friend Vicki suggested this outing for the women RVers attending the Hardee Lakes Get-together, and what a blessing it turned out to be. Amazing Grace Tea House has been in business for about a year and is part of a group of women's ministries that serve the Wauchula area.
Outdoor seating. It was too cool and windy today.
You can also order Take-Out.
Carriage on the porch.
We decided it was a good location for a group photo. Left to right: Me, Sarah, Linda, Vicki, Toni, Paulette.
Inside greeters and servers dressed in period outfits.
Our server describes the Pioneer Room where we are seated. Each room is decorated in a different theme.
This sign is the original sign from the Wauchula Pharmacy in the early days.
Pioneer clothing and furniture.

Sarah says the chandelier is from about 1920.
We got to keep the menus.
We all enjoyed the Amazing Grace Tea.
Most of us chose their signature lunch.
On the back of the menu is a list of all their ministries that serve the Wauchula area. Our server is a beneficiary of one of those ministries. She lives at Lydia's House, a Christian program for women who are coming out of destructive and addictive lifestyles. She described for us how this ministry has changed her life. In addition to working at the Tea House, she also helps out at the farm.
The tea arrives and the teapots are covered with a cosy to keep it warm while it steeps.
Pouring the tea into our vintage teacups. 
Sarah is adding a little honey to her tea.
Sarah demonstrating the proper way to hold the teacup. 
The first course is "The Lord's Potato Soup." Later we learned the story of that name. On the very day they got their permit, they had a large group to serve and the newly hired cook did not know how to make soup. So the owner prayed and the Lord gave her a recipe as she began to make the soup. 
All I can say is that it was the best potato soup I have ever had, and I believe that the Lord does answer our prayers. 
Toni ordered the Black Bean Salad. It was lovely and huge. She probably took home enough for two more meals.
The rest of us had chicken salad on a croissant. I ate it all. 
Dessert disappeared so fast I forgot to take a picture.
But I did catch Linda before she took the last bite of bread pudding.
Our checks were brought inside old hymnals.
Before we left, we were given a tour of the rest of the house. 
We started upstairs.
It's Christmas all year round in this room. A church group volunteered to renovate and decorate it. 

All of the decorations were donated and volunteers did much of the work in getting it ready for business.
 They are ready for Valentines Day.
This is the room where we first entered. I wish I had gotten a picture of the ladies that were being served when we arrived. They were dressed in 1890's style dresses and wide-brimmed flowery hats. 

It's wonderful to see a community doing so much for their residents.

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  1. What a wonderful rendition of our afternoon. Now I understand why you took so many photos😀 Thanks.